Who I am...

I'm a 29 year old, Manchester based, designer and developer specialising in print and web. i have over 4 years experience working full-time in the digital industry and during this time, achieved a First Class BA(Hons) in interactive Media. This has put me in a great position to create original content and back that up with the technical skills, to meet all of your design needs with a range of creative solutions.

By day, I work full-time as a web designer and developer for an international organisation, but by night I'm Batman I throw myself into all things arty, from my freelance design work to sketching, illustration, sculpture and product design.

I'm always looking for new projects, which can take the form of full branding, event posters, business cards and everything in-between. I love stretching my creativity across a range of media and relish the challenge and opportunity to work with new clients.

Why me?

Out of all the designers pressing for your attention and business, why should you choose me? I believe in the power of brand, and the influence that great design has on this. An advert or website has mere seconds to make a lasting impression before the viewer is distracted by something else. I feel that my passion to create this visual impact is my USP.



Using the latest web standards for html5 and css3, I ensure all my designs are not only fully visually realised, but are also accessible across browsers and platforms. For added functionality, structure and visual appeal, I utilise jQuery to create interactive elements across your pages.

As people's habits change, so does the way they access websites. To accomodate this, I can create a site that is fully responsive across all devices, from desktop, to tablet and mobile. Each page is condensed to support a smaller screen, without compromising the appearance or functionality.

If it's your site, then I believe you should have control over the content. Using Wordpress (the world's most popular CMS and blogging platform) I create sites that can be updated and expanded easily and quickly. From changing the content of a page, to adding galleries and blog posts, it couldn't be easier to learn and create. I also provide training and written documentation for instruction and support.